A week ago, Apical Resource Group had our second monthly All Candidates meeting to be able to discuss the use landscape, new initiatives and new hospitality technologies. We’d some good discussions spearheaded by Chicke Fitzgerald of Solutionz Media that encircled numerous topics that incorporated a candidate’s online status in addition to online positioning. There’s much more in the future relating to this quite interesting subject.

Among the primary regions of discussion was centered on hospitality technology and just how it figures right into a candidate’s decision-making process on whether or not they should pay a job offer from the prospective employer. As technology is constantly on the evolve, it’s more and more essential that people completely understand the “technology condition of the organization” as it requires their current technology in addition to their future technology direction. The way a clients are perceived when it comes to its technology will either allow it to be simpler because of its employees to acquire outward visibility or it may hinder them greatly. It doesn’t matter if the position having a prospective employer is really a sales, marketing, development or perhaps an executive position, we’ve got the technology plan that’s before an applicant ought to be highly scrutinized.

Mark Hoare, someone in the Prism Partnership, was our guest speaker associated with the long run direction of hospitality technology and the insight was greatly appreciated. Mark discussed initiatives that can help an applicant concentrate on technologies which are rising. A few of these initiatives were the program like a Service (SaaS) model, in which the application is really Internet native and also you pay to make use of we’ve got the technology application using a subscription or transaction fee and also have no overhead connected with buying and looking after the software or hardware needed to operate the service aside from a web connection along with a PC, Mac or laptop.

Another market was centered on mobile technology and just how it’ll alter the arena. Undeniably the cell phone may be the tool, that will end up being the ultimate Interface for Hoteliers and Visitors alike and then any company that fully knows this technology is a great one for any candidate to research.

Finally, Mark discussed social networking and it is effect on all aspects of technology. As candidates turn to hospitality technology companies just as one target for employment, make certain the companies have a very good plan in position about how they’ll use social networking to promote their brand in addition to their products.

Main point here…Regardless of your expertise and discipline inside the hotel industry you’ll always be touched by technology inside your morning. A number of you’ll be completely based mostly on it, and it’ll have an effect on your speed and agility and productivity. Accordingly, when you’re researching prospective employers, always take time to investigate and get direct questions regarding the business’s existing and planned technology. You need to question the way they are intending to investigate, embrace and deploy we’ve got the technology advances we have discussed today. You might be amazed at their solutions.