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Nepal Tech beyond borders

Sadiksha Gautam: “Being a developer? Never stop learning”

June 26, 2016

Staying curious, exploring new things, learning constantly… some qualities we often hear about being a developer. And that is what Sadiksha, an dynamic and always enthusiastic Nepalese I met in Kathmandu, did.
After having studied and worked first in Kathmandu, Nepal, she decided to go abroad to encounter different cultures and have new experiences in the IT field. Now she is working in Munich, Germany as a Ruby developer. Also, she is involved with Ruby communities and gives talks at conferences.
Now let’s meet Sadiksha Gautam and learn about her experiences as she shares with us in the following interview!

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Nepal Tech beyond borders

Nhasala Joshi: “Technology is becoming a new medium for arts”

April 24, 2016

One of the events that surprised me the most during my stay in Kathmandu was the Yantra 4.0 exhibition mixing art, sciences and tech. And it is during that event that I discovered the world of Nhasala Joshi, an engineer passionate about programming, arts and design. She loves designing and creating new stuff, and working with hardware components like microcontrollers and tinker. Her favorite technology of the moment : the Arduino board, that she uses with almost everything. On top of that, she is involved with women in tech as the co-founder of Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT).

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Nepal Tech beyond borders

Binita Shrestha: “Engineering is about having a skill set to build anything”

April 23, 2016

Binita Shrestha is currently studying for a bachelor degree in engineering in Information Technology and Software in Kathmandu, Nepal, with a particular interest for Android development.
But that is not all, after noticing a very low representation of women in technology and science she went on to found the group Women In STEM Nepal, to encourage and promote young girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

We met during a STEM event where I was invited to share my experience in tech with a panel of participants. Hard to not see that this woman is a natural leader, and an inspiring woman. Besides, she won a award from EmpowHER 2015 as a “Young Aspiring Woman Leaders!“, for her involvement in Girls in STEM.
She is making her dreams come true, and In my eyes she represents an example to follow for all students and a role model for all women in tech.

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Nepal Tech beyond borders

Let’s talk about tech and women with Rojina, a node.js developer in Kathmandu

January 11, 2016

I am not really a big fan of facebook, but I must admit that this tool turns out to be very useful for my trip to meet new people and stay in touch! So no surprise here, the first contact I had with Rojina Bajracharya, was thanks to Facebook. After chatting on fb, she spontaneously invited me in her family in Bhaktapur to celebrate Christmas. That is how on Christmas eve, I met with Rojina, a node.js developer at Zyoba Labs. In addition to being generous and always enthusiastic, Rojina impressed me by her involvement in Nepal to encourage women in programming. She is indeed one of the co-founder of the community Girls in Technology. And her passion and involvement have not gone unnoticed, since she won a Toptal scholarship for women developers.

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Malaysia Tech beyond borders

Let’s meet Jellene, a developer “Building Digital Skyscrapers” in Malaysia

January 5, 2016

Finding developers communities in Malaysia was not so easy, and especially women communities. There are some, like Women Who Code, Rails Girls and also Gorgeous Geeks. So I was very happy to meet Jellene.

I met Jellene, a Ruby developer living in Petaling Jaya near Kuala Lumpur, at the bar of my youth hostel in KL. I didn’t know what to expect, since even after exchanging a few emails before my arrival in Malaysia, her avatar on gmail and twitter was a kind of pixelized woman warrior, out of video games from the 80’s.

In real life, Jellene doesn’t carry any weapons and armor but she is the kind of woman who definitively inspires you: determined, involved and passionate, but also an artist and musician in a band. A nowadays woman warrior.

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