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Nepal Tech beyond borders

Sadiksha Gautam: “Being a developer? Never stop learning”

June 26, 2016

Staying curious, exploring new things, learning constantly… some qualities we often hear about being a developer. And that is what Sadiksha, an dynamic and always enthusiastic Nepalese I met in Kathmandu, did.
After having studied and worked first in Kathmandu, Nepal, she decided to go abroad to encounter different cultures and have new experiences in the IT field. Now she is working in Munich, Germany as a Ruby developer. Also, she is involved with Ruby communities and gives talks at conferences.
Now let’s meet Sadiksha Gautam and learn about her experiences as she shares with us in the following interview!

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Nepal Tech beyond borders

Saroj Maharjan: “I chose computer science simply because geeks rule the world”

May 30, 2016

What really impressed me when I met Saroj Maharjan was his enthusiasm when he was talking about his job and his involvement in developer communities in Nepal. I also learned from him that shaking your head means “yes” for Nepalese, which can lead to very strange and funny things if you are not aware of that.

I don’t know what Nepal makes you think of, but for me before going there it was synonyme of trekking, mountains, and a rather poor country. When I was talking about my project to meet tech communities in Asia, and in Nepal especially, almost everybody asked me: “really? But, are there developers there????”.

Indeed there are! And today I want you to meet Saroj, the first contact I had before heading to Kathmandu, and the first developer I met after I arrived there. He is a software engineer, an entrepreneur and a very active member of the Nepalese tech scene.

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