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Photo series #9 – Enjoy the simple life on Silk island

February 4, 2016

Silk island, located on the Mekong a few kilometers from Phnom Penh, is still unknown from the tourists, which is a good news! Once arrived, you might think you are in a bubble, certainly because of the startling contrast with the capital city. Here it is incredibly quiet and breathes traditional life!

On the island, with a bike or a scooter, you ride around fields and see some dogs, herds of cows, and silk weavers.
Words that I heard the most? “Hello, hello” with a large smile and waves from the children. An improvised bike race with some schoolgirls. They giggle… and me too. Ride on the luggage rack of another one. She wanted me to bring to my guesthouse. Simple and welcoming ambiance there.
Want to bath? On the north part of the island, a beach with small houses on stilts to picnic and bath in the Mekong, upstream Phnom Penh so you can bath in a pretty clean water.
On the south part, you can visit the silk museum and see how we obtain silk threads from silkworms, and how silk weavers work.

In short, Silk island is very nice place to reconnect with Cambodian countryside authenticity, and escape from the Phnom Penh’s noise and traffic.

Koh Dach, Cambodia

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