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Photo series #14 – Thousands of temples in Bagan, Myanmar

March 15, 2016

Before coming back to Paris, I visited Bagan, a city in the center of Myanmar, and maybe one of the most famous and beautiful place in this country.

Bagan has plenty of temples … hundreds, if not thousands of temples to visit. If this place reminds the site of Angkor in Cambodia, the atmosphere is totally different.
The access is free, at the condition of taking off your shoes before going inside. You can also climb on top of the temples, but with temperatures rising up to 35° careful not to get your feet burnt. They are also accessible with an electric scooter through little sandy and dirty roads. Guaranteed skidding!
The one thing you should definitely do: climb on one of the temple to watch the sunrise or sunset, and hopefully see the hot-air balloon takeoff.

Bagan, Myanmar

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