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Photo series #12 – Bali, real paradise?

March 13, 2016

After visiting Jakarta, Bandung and Kawah Ijen on the Java island, I boarded a ferry for Bali island.
Up until now, Bali sounded more like a honeymoon or an idyllic destination infested of tourists for me. Let’s just say that I wasn’t highly motivated for staying there.
In the taxi taking me to Ubud, I am quickly seduced by Balinese landscapes: sparkling green rice fields in terrace are amazing!

 In Ubud, I am meeting Angie, co-founder of Ladies Of Code, with whom I have been virtually connected for a year, when launching the french chapter of the Ladies Of Code community.
Angie is a “digital nomad” : so she works in Tech while traveling across the world. I love this idea!

Ubud, real paradise?
In any case I felt a great energy there, and leaving the place wasn’t quite easy. To get an idea of what Ubud really looks like, you should watch the movie Eat, pray, love, which was partially filmed in Ubud (to see the movie Eat, pray, love, shooted partially in Ubud).
Is it because of the flowers put on the floor in the street? Or these small green blazing rice fields in the heart of the town? I can’t explain.

Food wise, in Ubud you can find everything you want and it is very good: I can mention the famous traditional Gado-Gado made from a peanut sauce, molecular deserts, or pizza (the best I ever ate).
Regarding local art, I went to some “batik” workshops, to study the traditional Balinese art which consists in painting on material using wax to delimit the shapes of the drawings.

Time to leave…
After several failed attempts to leave Ubud, I finally managed to escape and left with a scooter to explore the western parts of the island.
An experience that I can only recommend to everyone: being alone on small roads in the middle of ricefields and watching the sunset is just pure magic. Another fun activity I made: snorkeling on the coral reef. Awesome time.

And this brings us to the end of my trip in Indonesia. Next stop, Myanmar.


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